♥♥ Visit to Palawan @ Friday, January 27, 2012 ♥♥

Approaching Palawan  Island
 Palawan Island

Honda Bay, Palawan Island

Were on the top of Philippines

Moving Forward

Top View of Palawan :)



Follow the steps

Keep Calm

Of Sea and Clouds

On top of Manila


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♥♥ Between Love and Failure @ Sunday, December 25, 2011 ♥♥
After my first serious relationship failed, I have never involved in any relationships. I did try but fail. I have hidden myself to people and that my friends have pushed me to go out. This time, I have fallen for someone. I know that I am ready to have a real relationship, that my heart is calling for it but I guess I am still afraid. I have already called it quits. I wanted it to stop but then again every time he talks to me I give-in. Maybe that's how I really love him. I cannot stand by my decision because deep down inside it is him that I love. I even fight for him. I know that I have to stop whatever kind of relationship we have because we will only hurt each other. It would be better to save at least the respect we have for each other rather than lost everything.

Maybe, I am really in love with this guy that I cannot leave him even though I know deep down inside, we're not meant to be together.

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♥♥ Emo-ish @ Monday, September 26, 2011 ♥♥

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♥♥ Hobby @ Monday, October 11, 2010 ♥♥
Aberrant Dragonfly
Basyang aftermath


In Your Eyes

Vanity Attack
Found a new hobby. Now, I am looking forward to buy a camera to practice my new hobby plus to improve my skills.

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♥♥ Positivity Strikes @ Monday, May 17, 2010 ♥♥
In the midst of the calmness of the night, the planet Venus and the moon made a major roar. At first I thought, was it just my imagination? My friends and I were talking about sailormoon, and seeing the night sky made me think, "Parang sailormoon lang!" haha! Staring at the planet Venus passing through the smiling moon is such a positive sight. Venus is always associated with love. Is it a sign that the Philippines will have
more love and harmony in the coming administration? Whatever it is it gave me hope. It made me think that just like Venus, I can shine on my own. Shine against my emotion and negative thoughts that kept me in the dark. It was like a wake-up call. I have to stand up and stop dreaming. There are some things that I stop doing, just to cater a little sideline, that took my time and concentration. It is difficult to pass through this stage, I still do not know where will I go or what path I will take but somehow it gave me a little light to believe. Believe that everything will be fine. Just like the majestic night sky event that look impossible but is indeed possible to happen.

Got this one from Flicker:
Looks like engagement ring

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♥♥ Do Not Rush @ Saturday, May 15, 2010 ♥♥

Seal thy self with weorthan commitment.
Untie thy soul from mittimus.
Atriums spirit shall be free,
from weorthan soul thy eye shall see.


Still thinking of the right title for this poem.  




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♥♥ Its on Now.. @ Thursday, February 25, 2010 ♥♥

Feb 20, 2010 

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♥♥ Same Boat @ Monday, January 25, 2010 ♥♥
   They say that in order for you to understand a person, you must put yourself in their shoe and then what will you do if you're in it. It is easy to say what you think is logically right but you can only understand someone's emotion once you've been there. Experiencing the same level of pain would only make you understand what actions and words you can offer to comfort them. People would often boast that they have conquered the pain but have never thought that their way of dealing their pain is different from others. Some would have their friends beside them, some thru praying,  counseling, partying, drinking, and many others. These people should also realize that it is their OWN way to cope-up. Being a friend means being there to listen, not to dictate what to do. No words can lessen what they feel but by just being there means a lot.

 I have read and hear stories with the same emotion I felt before. I am wondering why I feel a sudden bond with these people, whether they are my friends or stranger. Some of them are my close friends; some were acquainted, and others I have just read somewhere else. Maybe it is because what they feel right now is the feeling that I have dealt before. Honestly, it makes me feel weak and wanted to cry since I can still remember how I struggle to get out of that situation. I can sense the pain they have right now, as if I am the one being on it. Different ways to shake the feeling off, unusual decisions being made just to pull off and stop the pain. I got angry at the same time, because for every pain they feel, there is somebody who caused it. Somebody who has their smile genuinely never thinking that there is someone faking their laugh just to make people see they are strong enough to handle. There is this sudden hatred against the person who caused their pain, but then again I have to think. There are always reasons why shit happens. This shit will make people stronger and wiser.

    My point is, do not compare on how you have dealt with your pain. Just be there for them and be ready once they cry, listen when they talk, and extend your patience when they got gaga things on them. Those things were just normal if you have been there, as you also have done crazy things before. You cannot prevent what they want to do, but you can be there to make them realize somehow what is good for them. It is just a matter of time and the cloud covering their eyes would vanish and make them see things clearly.

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